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Spartans Never Die - Case Number 9232553
Date: 9/23/13 4:44 pm

Over the course of our brief history in this galaxy, we have seemingly gained a knack, or phenomenon rather, for building heroes from a shared mold. The strange part about all of it, is it seems to be serendipitous, like we can't help but place the best of our ideals, or worst of intentions, into a few lost souls. What we thought to be the culmination of desperation and the peak of human achievement actually seems to be something more of a generational habit.

My partner J and I have been investigating this anomaly ever since the end of the war and our widely publicized last vanguard never returned. Our ONI contacts gained more than enough access to the archives we needed, but like any ex-officers will tell you, once you go down a rabbit hole, somebody's out to bury you... not that I've ever seen an ex-officer in the flesh. We got out while we could, and we only lost our identities and as far as the they know, our lives. But, we kept the truth, and that makes it more than worth it.

First candidate of our investigation was S-1177: Sir Jonathan the VII

J uncovered a multitude of medieval myth that had been carbon restored sometime in the 2200's. Apparently the originals had all nearly been destroyed during purges of the black plague. Only the fragments remained, and the technology to restore works almost entirely from a fragmented state didn't come about until 2198.

One of these myths were a collection of legendary heroes at the time and contained this excerpt:

"Forged by the very Hammer of God, this suit is more than happenstance, it was destiny that brought this hero and shield together. Held for many a year by the sages of the round and pyramid, they have bide their time until such a paladin would rise to meet the glory of this armored plating."

Any free associations or near similarities of past organizations or ideas with currently operating counterparts were classified. It was around the discovery of this that me and J decided to make ourselves scarce. It was a nice touch in the official story to say I had past in my sleep as my apartment burned to the ground though. The cleaners at ONI have always been a batch of sick puppies.

Our second candidate, S-1917, held a much more publicized role, but that didn't make it any easier to find him.

During a toy run in early 1920's, these steel super soldiers were made public in an effort to regain public enthusiasm after many disenfranchised troops had returned home riddled with regret and animosity. This was transcribed from a radio commercial for the toy line:

"Remember a time when the strongest knights would be elected to safeguard the city gates, when Spartan valor and pride saved Western civilization from tyranny's cold, dark hands. Well, the boys in lab got to cooking up a war hero for the modern age. Our boys have always been the left cross and right hook of the war effort, but this is the uppercut we needed.

The next time they peek out from their trenches, boy, won't they be in for a surprise? This guy's a real firecracker, may have to recruit him for the Olympic team when his tour of duty is finished, this boy can really fly. And sorry girls, he's engaged to service of our dear country, and boy aren't they a couple? Want to meet this behemoth of the battlefield? You'll just have to sign up at your local recruiting office, and maybe you'll see him in action. Figurines also sold at your local recruiting office, stop by today!"

The run lasted some odd years, playing up the spirit of heroism rather than asserting such a soldier actually existed. The toy manufacture went under in the late 1930's, and the warehouses of steel models of actual secret weapons were melted down at the beginning of the next world war effort.

Our investigation is constantly ongoing, and we need to cover our tracks before interested parties come sniffing for dead men. I will report future findings as they provide themselves. Information is plentiful, we just have to dig for it. I'm not superstitious, but this information is becoming more than coincidence. I keep scrubbing sources to see if we're being fed red herrings, but they are all backed up by evidence.

I'm putting this here because at my time back in the academy, they told us to never share with correspondence networks like this one. As you can see, I'm still serving detention. I just never imagined they'd do it by locking me out of society.


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Spartans Never Die - Case Number 9232553padraig089/23/13 4:44 pm
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           Re: Spartans Never Die - Case Number 9232553padraig089/24/13 3:53 pm
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