• Spray and Pray - 1500 XP

    Get 75 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon.

  • To Be Precise - 1600 XP

    Get 80 kills with a Precision Loadout Weapon.

  • Prediction: Pain - 5200 XP

    Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Famine, Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

  • Infinity and Beyond - 4400 XP

    Complete Infinity on Legendary difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Tough Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

  • I am the 99 Percent - 6000 XP

    Kill 60 Elites.

  • Destroyer of Grunts - 5500 XP

    Kill 150 Grunts.

  • Got Backup - 5400 XP

    Get 60 kills with a Secondary Weapon.

  • Raise the Flag - 5500 XP

    Win 10 matchmaking Capture the Flag matches.

  • Spartan Takedown - 25000 XP

    Kill 2000 Players.
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"Building the Ultimate Halo Game" revisted.
Date: 7/19/13 9:31 pm

Some of you may remember my article "Building the Ultimate Halo Game" that I first published four years ago. In it I went through every aspect of the series and broke down what I thought would make the ideal Halo game. It had everything from story proposals to detailing what the core gameplay would be like to providing detailed stats for every weapon, enemy, and vehicle. I revisited it last year to account for new gameplay features introduced in ODST and Reach, and now I decided to revisit for a third time.

In addition to updating it to take into account what Halo 4 brought to the series as well as the announcement of the Xbox One, I also have renovated several sections and added new ones, and overall it was a fairly extensive update. Among the updated and new sections are:

- Controls (image of XBO controller)
- Heads-up Display
- Equipment, Armor Abilities, and Power-ups (including commentary on default sprint)
- Story Proposals & Basic Outline
- Missions
- Spartan Ops
- Challenge Mode (new section)
- Weapons (entries for Br, SAW, and railgun added)
- Other Vehicles (commentary on a player-controlled boat)
- Gametypes & Matchmaking Playlists
- Armor Permutations & Player Customization
- Forge (expanded section with new ideas)
- Graphics
- Sound & Music
- User Interface (new section)
- Saved Films
- DLC (new section)

Unless inspiration hits me in regards to writing a story or creating more level designs, this will likely be the last major update to this article, barring Halo 5 doing something really awesome when it comes out next year. Minor updates may be added to take into account other future developments that render portions of this article obsolete. Anyway, here it is, enjoy the next hour or two:

Building the Ultimate Halo Game

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