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How to fix armor abilties.
Date: 7/3/13 5:25 pm

I had an idea for how to fix Armor Abilities, without actually getting rid of them. Before you ask, no I'm not a fan of armor abilities, and preferred the equipment system of Halo 3.

The system I will be suggesting is a cross between Halo 3's and Reach's/4's system. It also has aspects of Halo CE's on map power up's.

Armor Abilities are no longer part of load-outs, they are on map pick-ups. You can pick them up and drop them to trade them with other armor abilities.

The armor abilities run on a charge, and depending on the ability, you can use them a certain number of times before the charge runs out.

There are only a certain number of armor abilities on the maps, say 2-4.

There will also be power-ups, such as overshield, speed boosts, and active camo, replacing that particular armor ability.

Players with an armor ability cannot use pick ups, and if attempt to, their armor ability will overload and deactivate, and within a set time frame, the armor ability will respawn on a predetermined, neutral sector of the map, while the player picks up the power-up. Vice-versa will also happen if a player with a power-up tries to pick up an armor ability.

The game-changer however is a secondary pick-up known as power stations. Power stations work similar to health packs, but give the player another set of charges with the armor ability. They recharge every twice as fast as power-ups. The catch is, however, power stations are only located in enemy territories, and you cannot use the power stations on the allied team's side, as to encourage aggressive play-styles and player movement.

The AA's are also on a cool-down, if the player fails to recharge the ability 90 seconds(can be adjusted according to gametype/map needs) after all charges have been exhausted, the AA will deactivate and respawn according to the same conditions above.

Players with armor abilities are marked uniquely on the other player's radar, in order to make players aware, but only if they are attentive to HUD elements.

This is meant to encourage competitive game-play and player movement, at the same time keeping in the armor ability system.

Tell me your thoughts!

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How to fix armor abilties.zoojoo7/3/13 5:25 pm
     I wouldn't miss them if they were gone.scarab7/3/13 6:22 pm
           Re: I wouldn't miss them if they were gone.zoojoo7/3/13 6:30 pm
                 alsozoojoo7/3/13 7:35 pm
     I just want actual powerups back. *NM*General Vagueness7/3/13 9:09 pm
     Re: How to fix armor abilties.Leisandir7/4/13 11:15 am
           Re: How to fix armor abilties.iForge7/4/13 12:41 pm
     Re: How to fix armor abilties.Gravemind7/5/13 2:26 pm

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