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Re: One exception...
Date: 5/29/13 1:53 am
In Response To: Re: One exception... (Hyokin)

I agree with Fyrewulff's post a great deal. But as Grim pointed out, there are aspects we don't know about that caused their decisions. Personally, I hate that the game came on 2 disc and required installing. That's hard drive space I need for saves and DLC.

But back on topic. Hyokin is right as are the others concerning Grifball. They added the new oddball elements and threw in a little lightning to set it apart. That is all. I don't believe the idea that the hammer was thrown in "just for Grifball" at all. True, it doesn't have a place in the campaign's story, but it does have a place in the achievements list. It's basically a gift to fans for making it as far as they did in the game. If memory serves well (and it tends not to), the hammer can be carried all the way to the end of the game. Grifball does give it more purpose, but I don't see it as THE reason the returned. Don't forget either that Halo4 takes place AFTER our introduction to the Brutes. Not after.

At it's core, Grifball is nothing more then a hybrid of Assault and Oddball. It's still called a bomb even tough it no longer acts like one, and for some STUPID reason we can change it's arming and disarming settings just like we did in Assault. Only differance is that THEY DON'T TAKE EFFECT IN HALO4!. That is UNLESS you're playing customs OFFLINE and NOT in a Lan party. WHAT?! I've tested it. The settings do in deed stick when you are disconnected from Xbox Live (not "Local Xbox" mode). But the moment you connect to a Lan Party, the settings stop working. It's flat out stupid.

Infection was created on the Honor system in Halo2. Bungie made it it's own gametype in Halo3. Except they only changed one aspect. They forced the infected to their own team and forced the sword. HOWEVER, they allowed players to adjust the settings as they wished. Wanted the infected to have a gun instead? No problem. Wanted the humans to have the sword instead? Also no problem. Heck, they allowed us to choose the color of the infected.

What does 343i do? They rename it from Infected to Flood to match the Halo universe better. I don't have issues with this. They also made the once Infected now the Flood. I also don't have issues with this. It fits the Halo universe much better then a zombies. But that's all they did right in my view. Granted, unlike Grifball, we can change the settings, but not the mechanics of the game as we could in Halo3/Reach. The Flood ONLY have a (hidden) sword to use. They have no choice but to use it. Also, we can not assign different armor abilities to the two teams. We have to disable the ONE ARMOR ABILITY option for one humans just to allow the Zombies to use it. And vise Versa. I'd like to give the Flood Promethean Vision or Camo while giving Spartans hard Light shields etc.

To make matters worse, the so called "Flood" models look NOTHING like the Flood. Instead they are Resident Evil rejects. They do look cool but they don't match the Halo Universe at all. Where are the hanging heads, and tentacle sensors? And where is the tentacle whip arm? And Why Can't they hold a bloody gun?!

Fixing Flood mode is easy. Give us BACK our classic Flood. Heck, go the Gears Of War route and give us different models/ranks to choose from (something I asked for well before Gears did it). But allow us to unlock them via the current earned credits system. Not as Gears does it. Allow the Flood to hold Weapons. Force players to use the melee button to swing the tentacle arm.

As for Flood Ranks, simply reuse the Models from Halo3.
1) A Flood Spore pack of 3-5 spores. can
2) Carriers can work similar to Tickers but with much slower movement and take a LOT more damage.
3) Human Combat Forms are as we know them but in Spartan form/armor
4) Elite/Brute Combat Forms are just different skin/model choice for No3.
5) Flood Crawlers can be just as we see them in Halo3. They can run, jump, and bite but not cause much damage. However, players can change it into it's stationary shooting form. Doing so makes them a easier target, at at least they can inflect more damage.
6) Tanks can return, but add some Hunter armor to them and turn them into mutated Hunters. Since Hunters are hard to kill and are already a colony of one minded worms anyway, they should be a easy target for the Flood.
7) Introduce new Flood forms for the Jackals, Drones, and Prophets. But NO FORERUNNER Flood since the Didact is already the only survivor.

FIX the Bloody Grifball Settings so we can edit them!!

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