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My Halo 4 Weapon Fix List/Suggestions
Date: 5/10/13 2:16 pm
In Response To: You're melting my brain. (scarab)

: I dunno! Why are you asking me? I don't play that game. (MP) It's another
: world for me.

: I'm going to have to turn that question around and ask, "what do you
: think?" whilst looking solemn and wise. :-)

Personally, I think it'd work best for both Campaign and MP.
It'd free up a slot and be effective at distance and up close. But up close it still needs to be over powered by the AR.

As for the Boltshot, it's just a bad idea.
Nurfing it to only take down shields when charged is a great step. But unlike the Plasma Pistol, you can't see when it's charged. After nurfing it, they should at least give it a bright orange glow for other players to see. Heck. As of now, players (unless they are the one charging it) don't even see it's wings come out while it's charged.

The Scatter Shot should not take two+ shots to kill. It's a shotgun after all. Unlike the UNSC shotgun, we can see where it's bullets go. I believe it should work just like the UNSC Shotgun. Effective up close but half as powerful the further you get from it.

The Forerunner Incinerator Cannon is fine for the most part. But unlike the UNSC Rocket Launcher it has a spread after it hits. That Spread should NOT be instant kill. Should only DAMAGE shields. Not drain them fully.

The Covenant Fuel Rod Gun is just way too powerful. I LOOOOOOVE this gun, but lets face it. With it's large magazine, it's just a death machine. If it's plasma bolt bounces, then it needs to be as effective as e distance UNSC Shotgun. At mid-range, it's bolts need to be half as powerful. Enough to fully take down half shields. At close range it needs to only take down shields. Thus 2 direct shots from it kills the opponent. Point Blank (inches away) and it's instant death for BOTH PLAYERS.

If they don't combine the DMR and BR as I suggested (in last post), then they need to make the AR just as powerful at close range. The DMR and BR needs to be a LOT less accurate at close range. Their barrels are designed for distance. Look at them as if they were a Sniper Rifle. The Sniper is a pain to shoot at close range because the radical is so tiny. The DMR and BR's should be just as tiny. Or at least the DMR's should be. Both weapons take down shields way to easily. In Death Cams (thank God for them) I see that players don't even have to be pointed at me to get head shots. Their radical often changes Bright Red before I even turn the corner. More often then not, they get headshots on me when they have CLEARLY missed. It's a issue that needs to be fixed.

Covenant Plasma Pistol is fine against players. But it's EMP effect on vehicles last WAY TOO LONG in Halo4 where anyone can spawn with it.

Covenant Plasma Grenades are my best friend. I absolutely love them. But since I can always spawn with them (and I do), I should be limited to only one for each loadout.

UNSC Frag Grenades are fine. They don't stick and their bounce is good. Leave them as is.

UNSC Sticky Detonator is my other best friend. I wish it had more ammo but that's just because I love it so much. I was going to complain about the fact that while in Camo the player can't see it's screen to know when to set off the bomb. BUT that's a good thing. Otherwise I'd be doing nothing but hiding in a corner and set it off. That sounded weird didn't it? Anywho, leave this weapon alone. It's feels balanced.

The Forerunner Pulse Grenade is far too underpowered. I really like the design of it and how it works. It truely feels like the classic Halo Sci fi I love. BUT, it's easy to avoid. I feel it needs to drain a player's shields instantly and blow up much faster. There's a achievement for killing two players with one Pulse Grenade. How are we to do this when they can just walk out of it and kill me? Personally I would like to see this grenade take on a similar role as the Plasma Grenade. But keep it's mechanics. The first thing it touches, it expands. No bouncing and no sticking. I want to see this weapon used against vehicles.

Covenant Energy Sword needs to have a melee block as it does in Reach. It's over powered once again. And when the blade runs dry, it's just as powerful. Not good.

Covenant Gravity Hammer seems fine. But like the Sword, once it's energy runs out, it's just as powerful as if it was fully charged. Just without the gravity push. Needs to be fixed.

UNSC Magnum is over powered. I still don't understand why it has a scope in MP. It's short barrel works way too well from a distance.

The Forerunner Binary Rifle is powerful. It just feels good. It's huge and sniper like and seems like it should be a instant kill. I really love that while zoomed in, other players can see where you're aiming. But like a UNSC Sniper Rifle, it does need to be nurfed from a great distance. Why? Because unlike it's UNSC counterpart, it's a instant kill no matter where you aim. I would also suggest removing it's shooting abilities when not zoomed in. It's so powerful and easy to shoot that I EASILY get Snapshots with it by accident and that's not good. A Sniping weapon like this needs to have limitations to is. And I believe that making it a Zoom Only weapon would be best. It'll also give it that classic Sci-Fi Halo feel re all remember from old days.

Covenant Binary Rifle is almost as powerful as it's Forerunner Counterpart. It's aim assist is just too much. even at close range a player can a easy kill by accident. Nurf or remove the Aim Assist and Elongate (hehe. I said elongate) it's overcharge. Force players to think before they shoot as we do with the UNSC Sniper Rifle.

The Forerunner Light Rifle and the Covenant Carbine are just under powered when compared to the DMR and BR. They are all basically the same weapon. They should be equal to one another of VERY CLOSE.

The Forerunner Suppressor and the Covenant Storm Rifle are basically the UNSC Assault Rifle. They too should be equal to or very near equal to one another.

Covenant Concussion Rifle seems well balanced. A Overcharge would be nice but not really needed in my opinion.

The UNSC Saw is a shredding machine. It does need to fire faster then the AR, but I feel it needs a much smaller magazine. As it stands now, the weapon is so effective that there's no reason for the UNSC to even continue to make the AR. The Saw's accuracy also seems to...well accurate. There's no recoil or anything. I like it but it needs to be addressed in MP.

The UNSC Spartan Laser is fine. Works very well, has a overcharge and easy to spot. Leave it be.

The Covenant Needler is a friend of many here. One of you in particular springs to mind. ;) In Halo 4 I feel this weapon is also balanced. With the Saw and DMR, I have little reason to choose it but it is a nice weapon that suits my needs when I'm in a mind. Leave it be as well.

As GameTrailers pointed out in their video (, Halo has lost it's Sci-Fi feel in terms of weapons and vehicles. BTW, where are the Forerunner vehicles and the old Covie vehicles? Just because Halo is made by a new company, it doesn't mean that the game should be catured to the simpler gamer and more human like. 343i has thrown out a LOT of Halo Cannon. THE VERY STUFF THAT MADE HALO UNIQUE AND FUN. I love the campaign story in Halo4, but the gameplay sucks. There are no fallback points, no exploration, nothing that truly screams Halo. Outside of having Cortana and Master Chief. Heck, 343 even dumbed down Forge instead of keeping it's features from Reach and adding to it.

Bungie clearly got tired of Halo and it showed. It showed with less originality and linear gameplay. Halo CE and Halo 2 allowed a lot of exploration and new ideas. Halo 3, ODST, and Reach didn't have that. ODST did have a feeling of exploration but not really. Halo 3 gave us duel wielding and new cool weapons and enemies. But the new characters were easy to deal with (minus the Drones) and duel wielding, tough fun, took away the great feeling of only having two weapons at our disposal. Halo3 gave us Equipment and I loved that. Players had to fight for it. But Reach gave it to everyone and thus broke gameplay (armor lock and bubble shiled). Halo 4 practically destroyed Halo gameplay. Promethean Vision? Really? What were you thinking? Just give us night and heat vision. Or the night vision from ODST would be best. Not this See Through Walls cap that wreaks map design and strategy. I say just remove all Armor Abilities and give us Equipment back. Players shouldn't be able to Camo when they want or see through walls. They certainly shouldn't be able to jetback off MP maps or have damage boost. I hated Armor Lock in Reach but I like the Hardlight Shield for it fits the Halo universe and is clearly a UNSC version of the Jackal Shield. The Autosentry may be cool but where does a Spartan or Covie get it? Their suits don't have the tech to generate them. But they are well balanced enough to leave in the game. I have mixed feelings about the hologram. But it seems to add too much confusion to MP gaming.

I'm sure I've missed something. I know I rambled on and I apologize. I just miss Halo so much. :(

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