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Halo 4 Screws Me Again!!
Date: 5/6/13 7:43 pm

Why do you hate me so much Halo? Did I not love you enough in your youth? Did I forget our anniversary one year? Or is it because I'm not giving you as much care as I once did?

I'm sorry, Baby. I'm so very sorry. But you have to understand. I have bills to pay. I need to find a place of my own soon. I just can't devote as much time to your needs anymore. You certainly don't make it easy to either. You don't allow my shots to connect. Not even when when it's at close range. You kill me for no reason. Kill Cams have proven this to me time and time again. You allow six year olds to take me out from across the map with DMRs. Even when I shoot them first. But what hurts the most...What tears me up inside and leaves me crying in the corner is un-excusable. I try so hard to love you and except your new Bo. But this...this is just hitting below the belt. I've let it slide nearly a dozen times now. At first I passed it off as a glitch. But glitches get fixed. Glitches are also avoidable. But you always seem to find a way to fool me at the perfect time to attack. It's clear to me now that you are a heartless witch with no compassion for me.

Oh sure. You can blame it on glitches and host lost all you want. But we both know it's not true. This time it's going to be different. This time I have proof! That's right, Baby. I saved the film this time. But I've also saved the stats for all to see. Did you think you could bring me so high just to knock me down and I would just pass it off again? NOT THIS TIME!! You started this. You started this during our last few months on Reach. I thought moving to a new world, a shield world, would save our relationship. But you clearly didn't want to move. At least not with me.

Let me ask you something. Do you find it funny? Is it an amusement to see me suffer? Is it me? What wrong have I done you to continue to be punished this way? I've given you over Ten Years of my life. Over ten years of devotion. Over ten years of spending MY HARD EARNED MONEY to you. I've built new worlds for you and your other lovers to enjoy. All I've ever asked for is equal love in return. But you continue to disappoint. Sure, your new Bo may have given you a new upgrade today to ease my pain. But it means nothing if you continue to do to me as you did yesterday. How many others have you done this to? Surly I can't have wronged you so much that I'm your only victim in this manner.

Why, Halo? Why do you continue to take away my perfections? Do do you insist on getting me so near (or past) my goal only to snatch it back? It's clearly not a glitch. It can't always be due to change of host. Change of host don't reset the game but still keep both scores to taunt me. Yesterday (May 5th, 2013) I was owning the match. Zero deaths and Twelve kills. I was in the perfect position to reach Perfection. I had a plan and knew exactly how to execute it. You must have sensed the smile forming on my face. I was by far the best player on both teams in that match and we both knew it. I was happy. For the first time in over a year, I was truly happy spending time with you. But you had other plans didn't you? Evil plans. Yes. You wanted to hurt me more then ever before. You knew the higher I was, the further I'd fall. That's why when I was about to reach my ultimate goal (again) you pulled a new trick out of your twisted old pointed hat. THAT'S WHY YOU RESET THE GAME!! That's why you sent us all to Black Screen. You thought you had me fooled with the tired old excise. "Searching for new Host." Maybe that's when you thought up the scheme. You knew there was already a great host in the party. Maybe that host had to be me. But you didn't like that. To give me host would only help me. And you just couldn't allow that could you? COULD YOU??!! You had to think fast. We all knew it was taking far too long to select a new host. To ease our frustration, you informed us you were "Selecting new host". That bought you just enough time to figure out and implement your plan. Your plan to not only lead me to believe I still had a Ordinance drop waiting but to lead me into believing I still had hope of reaching my goal.

You Rest the game you :"&)*^@#& #$)(*!!!! You reset us all to our initial spawns but kept my Ordinance Drop on stand by. But you refused to give it to me. You knew that in my confusion, I would spot the score card in the lower right corner! You knew this would lead to me checking the score via the Back Button! You Knew the realization of my kill count being reset to zero would anger me! You knew I would loose my "cool" and make a mistake! You knew this would send me in a spiral of suicide attacks!

Why do you continue to hurt me?!

Even now, as I try to screen-cap my stats from this game, you taunt me with a error code ( A791CC66-18C7-48D0-9593-5940DF256581 ). Rest assure, I'm going to get those stats captured, My Dear. Rest assure the world will see your treachery.

You can hide the stats all you want, for I still have the Video! Granted, viewers will have to press the Back button at the reset to see the rest of the score, but it's still there!!!/?section=GameClip&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=d4523465-ecb3-4562-b155-39d5c0a18463

Your reckoning is at hand, Halo!!

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