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Visualizing the Halo Universe: Round 10
Date: 4/28/13 10:15 pm

Visualizing the Halo Universe
Round 10: Free Round!

Remember, feedback on artwork is appreciated and encouraged.

We've made it through our first official VTHU cycle. This is exciting for me, because it means you're still interested enough in what I do to keep submitting art. So thank you for your continued participation! :)

As the last round before our cycle resets with a human theme, I've got something a little more fun for everyone… our first official Free Round! These will be focused less on adhering to the canon and much more on just showcasing some of the crazy ideas you guys have rolling around in your heads.

For this first one, I admit I somewhat selfishly chose the subject matter. I've been eager to see what everyone creates for it and it's been somewhat frustrating having to wait through all the Human, Covenant, Ancients, and Miscellaneous rounds to finally hit this one. I hope you guys find it interesting enough, and if not, let me know so I can take that into consideration for the next Free Round. :)


Create Your Own Flood Combat Form


Throughout the Halo trilogy, we've seen how the Flood brutally infect and repurpose their host's bodies. From a simple human, to a hunched monstrosity with claws and wriggling appendages, the only creatures that can avoid conversion into a Flood combat form are those with insufficient biomass to sustain the massive alterations.

Yet throughout these transformations, many features remain consistent regardless of the host organism. The chest cavity becomes occupied by the infection form, so that its sensory appendages can protrude from the body at an advantageous angle. One limb typically shows an explosive growth of exactly three tentacles or claws, and later, the body slowly decays into an unrecognizable mass of gas-infused tissue, leaving behind only the creature's legs.

However, amongst these constants, there are many other variables… enough for any artist to run wild! Earth alone has many amazing animals that might be fun to reconstruct as a Flood infection form, but if that's not your thing, the rest of the Halo universe is littered with amazing life forms as well! There's a lot to work with. :)

Extra Credit:

Depict an infected African animal from when the Flood landed on Earth in Halo 3!

- - -

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Remember you have two weeks to submit your entries.

Messages In This Thread

Visualizing the Halo Universe: Round 10Postmortem4/28/13 10:15 pm
     Dibs on space zombie zebradavidfuchs4/28/13 10:41 pm
     Re: Visualizing the Halo Universe: Round 10Quirel4/29/13 12:58 am
     Re: Visualizing the Halo Universe: Round 10TDSpiral4/29/13 2:44 am
     Flood Elephant *IMG*TDSpiral5/3/13 9:28 pm
           That's creepy as -blam!- *NM*ZackDark5/3/13 10:05 pm
           Re: Flood Elephant *IMG*serpx5/3/13 10:22 pm
                 Re: Flood Elephant *IMG*Quirel5/3/13 11:33 pm
           Excellent work, man. :)The Lionheart5/3/13 11:05 pm
           Re: Flood Elephant *IMG*Stephen L. (SoundEffect)5/3/13 11:21 pm
           Re: Flood Elephant *IMG*munky-0585/4/13 2:08 am
           Updated *IMG*TDSpiral5/4/13 3:16 am
                 Re: Updated *IMG*iForge5/4/13 11:17 am
                 Re: Updated *IMG*Grizzlei5/4/13 12:28 pm
                 Awesome. Will add to my nightmare queue. *NM*Leviathan5/4/13 11:21 pm
                 Re: Updated *IMG*Sl'askia5/8/13 10:03 pm
     MineSl'askia5/8/13 10:00 pm
           Flood. Zergling. *NM*uberfoop5/8/13 10:08 pm
           Re: MineZackDark5/8/13 11:22 pm
                 Re: MinePostmortem5/8/13 11:33 pm
                 Re: MineSl'askia5/8/13 11:45 pm
                       NOTHING!!! *NM*ZackDark5/9/13 12:42 am
     Clever girl...davidfuchs5/10/13 7:40 pm
           Dude...TDSpiral5/10/13 8:07 pm
                 Re: Dude...davidfuchs5/10/13 9:30 pm
                       Re: Dude...SEspider5/11/13 6:34 am
     Round 10: Results PostedPostmortem5/12/13 3:24 pm
           Re: Round 10: Results Postedmunky-0585/12/13 5:35 pm
     Your artwork featured on Waypoint blog.Postmortem5/16/13 5:09 pm
           Congrats, GuysSEspider5/16/13 6:25 pm

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