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Halo4 Map Testing & Extraction (Seperate Subjects)
Date: 4/25/13 12:56 pm

Map Feedback Needed
I've sorta gotten tired of designing maps. Not that it's not entertaining cause it is. It's just the lack of proper testing of the maps that's pushing me away. So in an effort to counter this 'tiredness' and to help bring players back to Halo, I've started a new series of maps that I'm calling Flashbacks.

Testing Phase
It's a simple idea really. But it's something not possible in Halo Reach. At least not as simply. I'm using Forge Island (cause it's free and a LOT less limiting) to re-create maps and from Halo: CE. I created a test map a few weeks ago to see how easy it was for Halo Vets to navigate this map. It was a super simple layout, but players had no trouble (it seems) at figuring out how to reach certain areas because they recognized the area from past games. I threw in new geometry to change it up a little for new Halo Babies. The test map (Origins) was just that. A test map. I left it somewhat open to see what weapons players would use the most and the impact it'll have on others. Same with movement and cover system. I removed Armor Abilities to test how players would react without them. Although it was a success, we only tested it with Team Slayer and CTF.

I've noticed that the DMR always ruled the map. No surprise there. It was a pretty open map. But I was more surprised to noticed that no one seemed to care that the AAs were gone. When I allowed AAs, players would break the map with the Jetpack and Promethean Vision. Camo came close to breaking the map because players would always have it. Forerunner Weapons was clearly a No No for the map to be fun. They are just to powerful. The Boltshot seemed to be the worst. Players couldn't see it and it has a power punch. Testing these weapons reminded me of the Jackal Snipers and Elites on Legendary setting. So Forerunner weapons are out. Sorry.

Placing weapons on maps just confused players. New testers/players never knew what weapons were on the map let alone where to find them. So I'll be using Ordinance Drops for all weapons. As for Vehicles, they are still fun to have. But the Banshee, Scorpion Tank, and the Guess Hog are just too powerful, so they are out. The Waith is in because of it's slow cannon fire and it's easy to avoid.

I talked to a few players that never played post Halo3 games and they loved the structures. "They are simple clean and easy to navigate." I noticed a few players (without camo) getting the drop of others. The Crouch allowed this and players felt less cheated because of it. Sprint really helps with movement. Even with the open space, players were able to get to cover for survival. And players were still able to get kills on Sprinters.

New Maps
With everything tested (for the most part) I've gone ahead and made two new maps cintered around Classic Halo: CE locations. Both of which is from our first encounters on Alpha Halo.

Jackel Jackal Island!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=972afee5-2262-4380-a526-e12576d290a0

We did a simple Team Slayer test of this map last Friday with the Community crew. This was to test spawns and re-test non ordinance mapped weapons. It confirmed that Initial Ordinance Drops are needed. Spawns seemed okay as did navigation. I added Man Cannons to improve movement so that'll help more. Initial Team Spawns have been moved.

The map is designed around the Forerunner structure near the water fall on Alpha Halo. This structure has a hill where players often camped with the Sniper Rifle. There are a lot of trees on this map to help with cover. No AAs nor Forerunner weapons unless you spawn them via P.O.D.s or Loadouts. The map is NOT set up for Dominion, Oddball, nor KOTH yet. But it is setup for my One-Bomb Assault gametype (see FileShare). This map has 2 Hogs and 2 Mongoose. There are also 2 Snipers.
Grunt Canyon!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=feffbbae-3d1e-4c8f-b12e-6ed5a052afcc

This is a never before seen custom map. It's designed around the canyon on Alpha Halo where the Covenant hide among large rocks. Players ended up taking that role for their coming FireFight. I replace the fallen Pelican with a base and added a few changes to the layout. Nothing major, just a few UNSC structures and new Forerunner Structures. Had to do the latter two for lack of enough rocks and trees. To provide the base team cover, I moved the trees between their base and the rocks. This map has 2 Hogs and 2 Mongoose. There are also 2 Snipers. No AAs allowed.

Navigating these two maps should be VERY easy for players from Halo:CE days. If you've played the Halo Anniversary Campaign, then you'll know these areas as well. These maps would be great for Halo 3's/Reach's Fire Fight Mode.


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