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This is MS's moment of truth.
Date: 4/24/13 8:01 pm
In Response To: Next generation Xbox reveal *OT* (Grizzlei)

The weeks from May 21 to June 13 will be crucial in determining whether I go with the PS4 or next-gen Xbox first (well, technically I'm going Wii U first, as I'm saving up for one right now, but after that I'm saving for one of the other two). Sony already impressed me with their announcement, and I'm already leaning heavily in their favor right now. MS will have to do just as good if not better to convince me to be an early adopter of the next-gen Xbox. They will have to do at least two things to accomplish this:

1) No always-online requirements and no blocking used games. Either of these would be absolute deal breakers. I'm not buying a system that will be a brick anytime my internet goes down or the XBL servers go down (also, what if I move out to the boonies where there's not cable?). Also, I'm not buying a system that won't allow me to play used games or borrow games from friends. While $60 is a fair price for a new game, it's still a substantial risk to pay that much for a game that one is unsure that they'll like, much for a game bought sight-unseen. Buying used incurs less risk for the consumer, and despite the cries of some devs, the supposed harm of used games is negligible at best. I know I wouldn't have bought games like F.E.A.R. or BlazBlue new, but I did buy them used (they were okay, but not worth full MSRP).

2) Expand their selection of exclusives. While the 360 had a fair number of exclusives earlier in its life cycle, it became increasingly reliant on just four major IPs: Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable. Halo and Gears, the only ones I have any interest in, will likely be no-shows during the launch window as we just got new entries in both series (also, in Halo's case a Halo 2 Anniversary would likely not come out until next year). Microsoft really needs to expand its selection of exclusive titles. They have a lot of preexisting IPs at their disposal such as Crackdown (which deserves a real sequel, which that half-assed Crackdown 2 was anything but) and all the series they inherited when they bought Rare. Sequels to Perfect Dark and Killer Instinct would be great if they did them right (PD Zero was a disappointment). They could also have re-releases of Blast Corps and Battletoads for XBLA, and possibly develop sequels to them as well. Also, what happened to securing exclusive JRPG titles like they did with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey? We do know that they are working on at least one new IP, an FPS which is being produced by Black Tusk Studios (formerly Microsoft Vancouver), but that alone may not be enough. The launch window lineup is really going to have to wow me for me to bother getting the system early.

If they can really impress me in the coming weeks and avoid any boneheaded mistakes like always-online, I might shell out for a 720/Durango/Infinity/NextBox/whatever it's going to be called. But if not, well, if you want to play Destiny with me you can hit me up on PSN.

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Next generation Xbox reveal *OT*Grizzlei4/24/13 1:11 pm
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     Re: Next generation Xbox reveal *OT*Mixmasterchief4/24/13 2:44 pm
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     This is MS's moment of truth.Gravemind4/24/13 8:01 pm
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                 Re: This is MS's moment of truth.Gravemind4/24/13 11:30 pm
                       Re: This is MS's moment of truth.Captain Spark4/25/13 12:32 am
           ^^What Gravemind Said^^ *NM*SEspider4/25/13 1:14 am

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