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Forge Web™ #1- Erosion Play Area
Date: 4/23/13 10:27 pm
In Response To: Forge Webs™ (SEspider)

Chances are that someone's already found this. Seems to simple for a Forger not to think of it already, but I'll list it anyway.

As most already know, there are a LOT of kill zones on this map. And they seem to be in the worst of places. There's at least one way to get out of this map. But I'll not go into detail on that today. Instead I'll point out a neat little corridor for players to forge in.

In the Grifball area of the map (the large indoor area), there are monitors behind glass near the the top of the room. Simply forge a 2-way Telepoter into the area and enter. Take note, that the monitors on the back wall (opposite the main entrance) has a Soft Kill Zone around them, but it's still Forgable.

Once you are in one of the Monitor Corridors you'll find that the black floor is not solid and neither are the black walls and monitors. But the glass is. Place any object (Extra Large Walkway) near the black floor so players can stand in the area. Take note that there are push boundaries under the black floor so use the magnets to line every walkway up. If you position them right, the magnets will allow you to push them just below the blackness and hide them from players. Not all of the push areas are at the same height either.

Now by the time you finish placing the floor, you'll notice that there are Instant Kill Zones (IKZ) just behind the walls. Place walls to prevent players from falling into them. Same for the roof. I've not tested all the areas yet, but you should be able to hide these walls with the the magnet system.

Here comes the tricky part. Where the corridors meat, there are black walls that you can walk though but not see through. This makes connecting the corridors difficult. To make matters worse, there is a IKZ that gives you little room to work. That combined with the walls that you can't see through makes aligning objects a bit tough. I suggest locating the IKZ area and block it off first so you don't accidentally kill yourself all the time.

Now if memory serves, there are two corridors that don't meet because of a open area in the room that sits between them. Use teleporters to get around this for players.

Another thing to note is that where the corridors do meet, a player can see down both corridors. But players in the corridors can not see that player. So expect camping if don't place a soft kill zone in these areas.

The corridor on the opposite side of the entrances of the room does have a soft kill zone. But with sprint, players can get through it. Just not with flags, etc.

These corridors are not very useful for gameplay but they do provide more room/scenery for for Machinima.


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