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Re: I was at AGL?
Date: 4/18/13 7:59 pm
In Response To: I was at AGL? (RC Master)

: See, the M6D in Halo 1 had a fast kill time but it was really hard to
: achieve it. Beyond 100m (I think) your auto-aim assistance was totally
: gone.

Auto-aim for the M6D cut off past 45.6 m while unzoomed, and 91.4 m while zoomed. It's maximum range was 123 m.

: BR in Halo 2/3 were easier to use but quite range-limited and
: especially with the spread in H3 you could only ping reliably with 1
: bullet per burst. The Halo: Reach DMR, for all it's flaws, required a
: cadence and that you should slow more and more with range. I could swear
: the red-reticle range was far less too.

This. I never liked the BR because of the burst-fire's potential for "partial hits" (i.e., only one or two bullets hitting instead of all three). It always felt wildly inconsistent, especially in Halo 3 when they got rid of hitscan and reduced the amount of aim assist. The DMR is the weapon I had been wanting for the longest time. When you paced your shots, it was dead-on accurate at all but the most extreme ranges (its shot spread was a mere 0.05). Even though people didn't like ROF-based shot spread, I felt it was a good addition as it was a mitigating factor that kept the DMR from being able to spew death indiscriminately from across the map. If you fired at the DMR's max ROF, your accuracy would suffer. It might not matter at closer ranges, but at a distance "spamming the trigger" wasn't a very reliable tactic. The Halo 4 DMR removes that handicap. It has way too much aim assist for how little bloom it has (plus when you're zoomed you can't get knocked out of zoom), and it utterly wrecks map flow, just like how 85% and zero bloom did the same in TU gametypes in Reach. 343I doesn't need to just bring the other precision weapons in line with the DMR; they need to reduce the DMR's aim assist by a considerable margin, and they also need to seriously considering bumping up the amount of bloom it has.

: (DMR clear community favourite, huh? Boy! Making the Forerunner weapons
: copy-cats so players would identify with them easily and use them more
: often sure paid off, huh?)

No shit. They gave the Promethean arsenal full parity because of "something something players won't use more unique weapons blah blah," so we get great weapons like the "Forerunner AR" and "Forerunner DMR/BR"... and nobody ever fucking uses them! *facepalm* In Halo 5, 343I needs to not worry whether or not most people will ever use some cool and unique new weapon and just put it in the damn game. I know I would have used the stasis rifle a good bit in Campaign.

What's especially annoying is when people actually try to argue that the Forerunner arsenal isn't mostly a bunch of redundant copies of UNSC weapons. They refuse to acknowledge that the scattershot, lightrifle, and suppressor are only trivially different from their UNSC & Covie counterparts, much like how the M4 and AK-47 from COD are only trivially different from each other. I'm not a professional, but I could have given the weapon selection in Halo 4 much greater variety that what we got.

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