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Origins Map on Forge Island
Date: 4/3/13 4:18 am

Since I couldn't use the items as I had hoped on Forge Island, I scrapped my original plan and went with plan B.

DOWNLOAD MAP HERE!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=9e1ce458-54af-46ba-98a8-9552ef8decfb

No images yet so I've substituted the images for this post. This map is in my FileShare and ready for basic testing.
Map Name: Origins

This is a simple layout and VERY easy to navigate for Halo Vets. For every structure is based off of a classic structure/area from the Original Halo.

1) Included are is the first structure we run into when we first "land" on Halo (just before the "This is not a natural formation. Someone must have built it") and is home to the Blues. Sadly, I did have to make cosmetic changes to the base's structure. Also known as the main FireFight structure on the Instillation 04 map.

2) The Reds get the Beach structure and the Covie Sniper Tower.

3) No spawns have been made for Gold and Purple bases yet. Purple base is the side structure also found on the Instillation 04 map. This structure can be seen at the bottom of this image:
There is a Waith that spawns near this structure.

4) Gold base started off as the circular structure where we first encounter the Hunters in Halo CE. Changes were made to give players more cover and vehicles more room to roam around. I ended up converting it to the central satellite disk found on Pinnacle. Only now it's off the ground and....well that's the only similarity really. A Banshee spawns near this base.

5) Between Red and Blue base there is a rock structure/cave. The center of which both teams meet. This area is designed to be similar to the room where we encounter the Hunters for the 2nd time. The one with all of the Covie Crates tossed about.

6) This same rock structure is between Gold and Purple bases. However, instead of reaching one another via the cave/room, players must enter a teleporter from either base. These teleporters lead players to the opposite ends of a long and wide room. It's the same below ground room where we rescue Marines on the original Halo after landing/crashing on it. There were also a number of Grunts and Jackals in this area. On the Instillation map 04 it is the area that 343 travels through but we can not.

Initial Ordinance Drop Weapons
2 Snipers Rifles
2 Shotguns
1 Rocket Launcher
Number of Plasma/Frag Grenades
2 Assault Rifles

Random Ordinance Drop Weapons
Needler/Fuel Rod Cannon

Trait Zone Settings
One Trait Zone that covers the entire play area.
-150% Fall Damage
-No Armor Abilities
-110% Speed

Red and Blue get their own Hologram Warthogs
1 Waith
1 Banshee

There are plenty of areas to move around. easy to avoid vehicles if you're careful. If Banshee is too powerful, then I'll remove it. Same goes for the Waith. Stick to the buildings for cover. For there are lots of open ground and vertical areas. A number or rocky ramps have been included for Warthog Drivers. Just mid the edge and you'll be fine. ;) Long lines of sight for snipers and you DMR spammers. Plasma Pistols and all Forerunner weapons are only accessable via Loadouts and Personal Ordinance Drops. Sorry, but soft kill zones have been placed on the top of the map as well as on top of all trees and tall rocks. The downed tree at Red base may have to be removed for Flood games. Same for Gold/Purple teleporters.

Currently Supported Gametypes
2Team/FFA Slayer
Grifball (threw it in for the heck of it)
Neutral & 2-4 CTF

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