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PAX 2012 Writeup, Finally!
Date: 3/22/13 12:59 am

Welcome to

Padraig08’s PAX 2012 Writeup

(yea, I know it’s late.)

What follows is the melding of minds with the padraig, if you survive, you will know what PAX 2012 was like (we should all be so lucky)

Here’s the Official Soundtrack of PAX 2012 as we listened to them:

-Space Jam:

-Gangnam Style :

-DMX vs Ghostbusters:

-DMX Reading Rainbow:

This writeup is at best scatterbrained and somewhat remembered. I’ll add more as I remember it. It is annotated with tweets from the weekend and supplemental material. Enjoy.


First, let’s introduce the players in this theater of fates. Padraig, your master of write-ups… well at least this one, and renowned [something impressive], but you already know me. Now let’s discuss the new challenger. Tom, as in TheTallestTom on HBO/Xbox, he’s played HBO style before with quite a few of you. He is my friend IRL and lives just a hop and skip from my house. He decided that hanging with other smelly, sweaty pustules for more than three days sounded exciting, and in no way terrifying. The stage was set, the players were blissfully unaware of the impending horror… and roll film.
It began as so many adventures do, at about 7 in the morning.

Welp, Delta flight delayed and now we don't leave until tomorrow. Seattle, soon I will be in you. #HBOatPAX #bumpystart Wed Aug 29 23:07:47 +0000 2012
Finally up and ready to try again at getting to Seattle. #HBOatPAX #ForwardUntoPAX Thu Aug 30 09:15:18 +0000 2012

After being moved to the morning instead of flying out the night before due to delays, we made our aerial march toward Seattle. Going at the speed of Whoosh, we could only stay stable for so long. So, as much as would have liked to travel at above light or even wooom speeds, we kept it on the DL. On the flight we met some friendly other PAX goers, who later I actually saw in the convention hall later that weekend. The morning for us pretty much lasted from 6am EST to 11:20 PST, and I’m pretty sure I had breakfast twice. 10/10 would breakfast again.

Progress update: In cincy, so far lots of #whoosh. @ThatTallTom #HBOatPAX #ForwardUntoPAX Thu Aug 30 11:52:16 +0000 2012

Hello Seattle, Welcome to me... and @ThatTallTom. #HBOatPAX #ForwardUntoPAX Thu Aug 30 17:50:13 +0000 2012

From there we met up with NsU Solider and his peculiar friend, Ben Simon. If you have never met Mr. Simon, then you have never lived… or Slammed… or welcomed to the Jammed. He is the inventor, with co-inventor NsU, of the patented “Oh Wow” technique I employ whenever possible. After being incepted, we collected Kermit and headed to iHop located on the ass end of our hotel. After a hardy second breakfast, we got checked in… and this happened.

It was at this time I learned that a group of us had already ventured to Bungie, making the second year in a row I have missed the Bungie field trip.

@peterbcooper @LeviWasTaken @GrimBrotherOne you mean I missed the Bungie Field trip twice in a row.... NOOOOOO! Thu Aug 30 22:15:00 +0000 2012

All was not lost though, We were able to meet up with Laird and have some brews and interesting Halo discussion along with some interesting political discussion. The only part that confused me was when he and his associate were talking about the Canadian Party in the upcoming election. I guess stranger things have happened.

Pre-PAX Shenanigans

Over the course of the day, we had been trying to feel out what the “Halo peeps”, as I call them, were doing before PAX began. We had gotten wind that there was a Barbeque at Rukari’s house, and that it was going to be balls to the wall good. Not missing a beat between balls and wall, we cued up a cab and rode for what had been dubbed, RukarBQue.

We arrived at what we thought was the right place, and we wandered around the back to find the people, our people. Got to see a ton of new and old faces and meet some new people. As is usual with Halo community functions, it was awesome just being around other HBOers, HaloGAFers, Waypoints, etc. Fun conversations, mega food, and perhaps too much drink… maybe. You have not lived (or will for very long after) until you’ve have a donut with oreo chunks and and smearing of peanut butter on it. It’s still with me today, in my arteries. Also, at one point I was given two shots of sin water (cinnamon whiskey), one for me and one for Tom. Unfortunately, Tom was not 21. I attempted to tell this to the dude pouring them, but he was too drunk with power to hear me. I called out, “Hey, I’ve got an extra shot… who wants it… anybody? You can’t make drink both….” But they did. Then this happened.

RukarBQue and Lars Cup 2012

*Spoiler Warning*

We have a GERMAN VICTORY here at #LarsFest2012 #chocolate4everyone Fri Aug 31 03:55:48 +0000 2012

Later on more familiar faces arrived, including PostMortem, Bryan Newman, TDSpiral, and the Lionheart. They were good Samaritans and brought some food to the BBQ. They brought two whole chickens and a watermelon, but as the night went on we started losing whole chickens. Now read that back real quick, that doesn’t happen. No one was touching the chickens, so to be a good jokester, I brought outside to possibly house for the enjoyment of many. All I remember is that, I handed the chicken to Grim, turned back to lol, and turned back around… and nothing. IT WAS GONE, POOF! So, there may be a chicken on the loose somewhere in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Just saying.


The night started to take hold and we three needed to head back to the hotel. But before we could call up a cab, we were offered a ride back by way of Wu-mobile. And one fanciful drive later we were back, and ready to storm the PAX beaches in the morn. Probably the best thing I heard people say that day was how awesome this was and that PAX had not even yet started. That comes later. Day 1 has ended, please flip over to side B.

Day 2- Actual Day 1 of PAX

We had awoke, it was morning… too morning. After having had a night to quite fondly remember, we headed on down to the Daily Grill for the first OFFICIAL HBO EVENT: HBO Breakfast 2012: This time it’s not 2011.

And thus we start PAX Day 1. Now to get ready and go to HBO Breakfast. #HBOatPAX Fri Aug 31 15:27:21 +0000 2012

Now, I know what you’re thinking… They knew 40+ people were coming, surely they would’ve thought ahead. Surely they would have an accommodating room for such a mass of people… Obviously, these cater slaves had never heard of the legends of’s past, let alone it’s current day ministry! This room was for around 15- 20 people at best. We had people in standing room only areas, lap sitting was deployed, cats and dogs living together, Mass Hysteria!
Along with Epic Breakfast and Halo galore, Kanbo gave me the coolest piece of swag ever… A replica Assassin’s Creed 3 Tomahawk! I guess he just makes them in his spare time for all the people of Micronesia, and decided I could have one. Thus began the legend of Padraig: The Tomahawk Warrior!
[REDACTED]: Apparently, they don’t allow metal and wood maybe weapons on airplanes, savages I say!

HBO Breakfast 2012

With a belly filled with hearty foods and good feels, we proceeded to the Roosterteeth panel… but I got there a wee bit late (had to take the tomahawk to Kanbo’s hotel to not get banned from PAX). Everyone was in line and we walked to the front door… foolish? Maybe. But NsU was there to pretend we were meeting him for the previous panel (The Keynote). Now that we were pulling an Ocean’s Eleven type guise to get good seats for the RT panel, the truth was revealed. We were actually grabbing seats for Kermit. You see, Kermit is not like most people. He would even acknowledge me until I called him “The King” (and I have since been known as “The Duke”). Kermit is a man of high tastes and high demands, if he wanted those seats, then by God, he was going to have them… lest I be destroyed.
After enjoying sweet RT Love down and front, we headed toward the Show floor
Breakfast and Showfloor

I must warn you, what follows next is pretty much what my brain lied to me and remembered later. PAX is so awesome, that I often lose track of time and events so close together. So, this next part will be a lot of pictures, videos, tweets, and bullet points of what I remember.
PAX Day 1

Oh God, I'm being herded... For swag. #HBOatPAX Fri Aug 31 19:23:52 +0000 2012
Just ran into Jason Sussman, what a guy #HBOatPAX Fri Aug 31 23:37:20 +0000 2012

I guess bohemian rhapsody by @Protomen is a good cap to the night. Day 1 is complete, and I am close to being Bilbo Swaggins #HBOatPAX Sat Sep 01 10:25:51 +0000 2012

-Ran into Jason Sussman and son on the show floor
-Catching the end of the Protomen concert
-Secret Event that was secret
-Watched the Marty Panel
-Got Marty to sign my Halo book, he signed “Destiny!” you clever shrew.

Morning watching @martytheelder tell us @bungie future secrets. ;) #HBOatPAX Sat Sep 01 18:16:16 +0000 2012
Keep log rolling that ghost, chief bro #HBOatPAX Sun Sep 02 00:59:49 +0000 2012
One question, WHERE MAH BRUTES AT? #HBOatPAX Sun Sep 02 01:13:55 +0000 2012

PAX Day 2 & 3

-Ran into guy we met on the plane in the Minecraft area
-Played a game about mechs when someone rage quit. Didn’t mean to cut in line, it was in the heat of the moment. “Kids wanting to play: Are you playing? Unknowing Padraig: Y…Yea, I guess I am.”
-Hung out by the Halo 4 booth and soaked up the Halos with fellow Halo peeps
-Met Matt Finland, that dude was boss
-Wu would not stop hitting me in the face with a blow up Tomahawk and say, “Does this hurt?” Psychopath!
-Met Tim Schafer, after missing his signings twice and being told we were not going to see him. Then he decided to take another 10 people to sign stuff, and I was the 2nd in those ten. Got my copy of Brutal Legend signed. (Went on to best him in said game = greatest moment of all time.)

League Of Legends Arena

At some point in the meat of all of this, I asked some peeps from home if they wanted some swag while it was in plentiful supply. My friend Aaron wanted some League of Legends stuff for his younger brother, and thus a quest was upon us. Tom and I ventured toward the gaping maw that was the 6th floor ballroom. We scorched through legions of audience members just to get to the merch booth. It was literally an Arena with Stadium lighting. If my younger self could have been convinced that one day video games would be hoist upon a grand stage for all to see, why, even his cold, black heart would be moved to tears. It was one of those moments you see in Big Bang Theory or a movie stereotyping games, the announcers excitedly started rambling about sapping some tower, and before I could question why that was relevant, a ROAR of applause and excitement enveloped the crowd. But unlike Big Bang Theory, no one had a sarcastic quip about someone’s insecurities; it was just exhilarating, even for a casual LoL observer like me. I only managed to capture a similar applause in the clip, but it was truly something I would expect at a football stadium, and that made me smile.

HBO Dinner – Ain’t Got No Alibi

HBO Dinner 1 of 2: Alibi Room, Friday Evening.
Setup by our esteem colleague on the GAF side of the family, ncsuDuncan, the HBO Dinner meet up was at a little known place called the Alibi Room. But that was the problem, it wasn’t well known, we wandered for a while, but we eventually went down the wrong sidewalk into a shady bar went down the stairs to a dark room, and there was everyone. Foods were ordered, beers were served, peeps left a little early to catch the concerts, and a movie was playing…. Now, about this movie… what can I say more than, imagine a bond film from the 60’s where bond scales the side of a castle with suction cups, runs into trouble, and escapes the baddies on the roof by being fired out of a conveniently placed catapult… only he wasn’t in the catapult, it was all a clever trick. Welcome to Danger Diabolick, the movie people were cheering for only because of how batshit insane it was becoming. Seriously, give it a watch, pretty sketchy stuff.

But he was NEVER IN THE CATAPULT #whatatwist #HBOatPAX Sun Sep 02 02:54:17 +0000 2012

HBO Movie Series: Enter the Dragon/ Danger Diabolic? #HBOatPAX Sun Sep 02 03:25:36 +0000 2012

So, the night continued and fun was had. The HBO wished to sleep for a little bit before the next day of PAX, and so we went our separate ways. I’m not sure where Kermit went, but he got into a cab right by a strip club, so I had my suspicions he may be turning tricks on the side to pay for swag. I headed up to where Tom, NsU, and the Ben Simon were watching the end of the Protomen concert. It was incredible, and they are very talented. We headed our way home and played some Blood Orgy (Super Smash Bros. gametype) and went the fuck to sleep.

HBO Dinner – Elephant & Castle

Warp to Dinner time on Sunday, we all went to the Elephant & Castle (now a yearly tradition I guess.) to eat and drink a ridiculous amount and hang with Halo peeps for the last time before the weekend ended. HBO showed, GAF was hiveminding an end of the table, bystanders were devastated in the wake of our heated Halo debates. Matt Finland from 343 stopped by after we bro’d out with him at the Halo 4 booth for the past two days. He spent his time talking with us about Halo and trying not to say something that would get him in trouble. Matt, you’re a total cool bro in my book. Before too long, it was Tom and I’s time to retreat to our airport closer hotel room place (Sponsered by Kermit!) We said our good byes and bro hugs upon bro fist were made. We ventured closer to the airport unaware our adventure still had yet to end.

Had such an awesome time last night with my HBros and Halo peeps. You guys are truly, truly outragous. #HBOatPAX Mon Sep 03 16:50:56 +0000 2012

EMP Museum and HBO Jam Fest

The next day was our victory lap, we had the entire day to burn and have fun. Me and Kermit went up to iHop for breakfast, and on the way there he showed me his intense push up and bench pressing skills (and I don’t even lift…) Tom was out with Family in the area for most of the day, so we met up with him later along with another HBrO, ncsuDuncan. He had already been to EMP Museum with Hypertrooper before he left for the airport earlier in the day, but he obliged our want for cool thing. What follows is what happens when talented bros decide an impromptu jam fest should be made in the museum.

EMP Museum

You got skill Duncan, I kinda want a solo album someday, but I digress, We met up with another bro toward the day’s end. It was none other than Mig who wanted us to come to some Peruvian place to eat his homemade meats. How could we refuse? The food was awesome, as well as the bubblegum flavor soda and purple corn drink (that’s the best name I have for it.) After din din, we decided the West Coast was the place to go, and we headed to the water. We brought out our cameras and some people knew how to use them (not me). So to cover my tracks, I established the event as the HBO Art Indie Showcase, where all normally terrible photography taken by me could be considered hip and avant garde by others. It was success.

HBO Art Indie Showcase

HBO Art Indie Showcase

Now that is how you end an awesome weekend. I got to touch the water and go to HBO Art Indie Showcase @bkellam @ThatTallTom #HBOatPAX #ohwow Tue Sep 04 06:36:19 +0000 2012

Well after that, it was dusk, and we had to get to the plane. We said goodbye to Mig, Kerm, and Duncan and set out for boringsville Real Life world. As always, it was one of the best experiences of my life, and I hope to make it a yearly occurrence. You people make it hard to quit. See yinz next year, and happy PAX East in like… a few months, right?


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