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Last night was a hoot and a half...
Date: 3/21/13 9:52 pm
In Response To: SEspider (SEspider)

It was great to play with Pete, Wu, and everyone else. A few seemed to play the games as if it was matchmaking more then I would have liked, but it's okay. Everyone was having fun and that's what it was all about...well that and testing Pete's maps....and playing w/ new folks. ^_^

Wu did a great job pointing out the issues with some of the maps. The lava thing wasn't an issue for me. It's glowing orange/red and was clearly lower then the play field. But with maps using the same shields as jumping platforms, I can see how it may be confusing for some. And it was funny to see everyone on my team, but me jump into the lava. Especially after I said, 'Don't jump in the lava!' LOL

Sumo was fun as was Musical Chairs. Even with it's issues. I'm curious, Pete. How did you kill players that were in the hills? Was it a timed teleporter like in the original? I can't remember. Too many dead bodies at once. lol

Sorry for not being very talkative. There were already a lot of folks talking and I couldn't think of anything funny to say that others hadn't already. lol

A few of the maps I've played before when Pete joined us for Friday Night's CC. Which by the way is this Friday Night in Halo4. Unlike Pete's CC night last night, we'll be focused on normal/fun maps instead of wacky/fun mini games. Rest assure, we'll be playing Pete's maps as well to change up the flow and to continue testing them for him. ;)

PS: Cynosaurs Rule!

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Let's Play Halo 4 Tonight - 3/20 10:30PM ESTpete_the_duck3/20/13 3:21 pm
     SEspiderSEspider3/20/13 3:34 pm
           Last night was a hoot and a half...SEspider3/21/13 9:52 pm
                 Re: Last night was a hoot and a half...General Vagueness3/21/13 10:45 pm
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           Re: If you're coming late...pete_the_duck3/20/13 3:58 pm
                 Re: If you're coming late...Chewbaccawakka3/20/13 4:44 pm
     Daedalos42 *NM*Daedalos423/20/13 3:51 pm
     ChrisTheeCrappyChrisTheeCrappy3/20/13 4:08 pm
     UnrealCh13f - Possibly LateUnrealCh13f3/20/13 4:20 pm
     CARDO 8 ATL *NM*Cardo 8 ATL3/20/13 4:29 pm
     Hexudus *NM*Hexudus3/20/13 4:29 pm
     Louis WuLouis Wu3/20/13 4:40 pm
     unhhUnique Name3/20/13 4:44 pm
     Padraig Pr7me, will try to be there *NM*padraig083/20/13 4:45 pm
     Cbwilliams17 *NM*CbWilliams3/20/13 5:40 pm
     breitzenbreitzen3/20/13 6:23 pm
     IamOnlyInhuman would love to play *NM*Joshthehuman3/20/13 7:17 pm
     Pixelfoxdavidfuchs3/20/13 7:18 pm
     Orange Chikin *NM*Orange Chikin3/20/13 8:39 pm
           Re: Orange ChikinOrange Chikin3/20/13 8:49 pm
     eLcHuPaNiBrE 93 *NM*eLcHuPaNiBrE 933/20/13 10:38 pm
     Re: Invites have been sent outpete_the_duck3/20/13 10:43 pm
     Re: Let's Play Halo 4 Tonight - 3/20 10:30PM ESTGeneral Vagueness3/21/13 1:23 am
           Re: Let's Play Halo 4 Tonight - 3/20 10:30PM ESTHyokin3/21/13 1:50 am
           Re: Let's Play Halo 4 Tonight - 3/20 10:30PM ESTpete_the_duck3/21/13 1:58 am
     A weird clip from the gamenight.Daedalos423/21/13 1:27 am
     Re: Thanks for playing everyone!pete_the_duck3/21/13 1:48 am
           Re: Thanks for playing everyone!davidfuchs3/21/13 1:50 am
                 Re: Thanks for playing everyone!Louis Wu3/21/13 12:09 pm
                       Re: Thanks for playing everyone!pete_the_duck3/21/13 12:48 pm
                             Re: Thanks for playing everyone!Louis Wu3/21/13 2:36 pm
                                   Re: Thanks for playing everyone!uberfoop3/21/13 2:54 pm
                                         Re: Thanks for playing everyone!Louis Wu3/21/13 3:23 pm
                                               Re: Thanks for playing everyone!pete_the_duck3/21/13 3:29 pm
                                   HBO: I should have been smarter & left before 2am *NM*MacGyver103/21/13 4:09 pm
                                   Re: Thanks for playing everyone!breitzen3/21/13 4:20 pm
           Great Times were hadbreitzen3/21/13 11:28 am
                 Wish I coulda made it but my brother got engaged!Cardo 8 ATL3/21/13 11:37 am
                       Re: Wish I coulda made it but my brother got engagbreitzen3/21/13 1:32 pm
                             Re: I'll probably run another in two weeks or so..pete_the_duck3/21/13 3:00 pm
                                   Re: Ahempete_the_duck3/21/13 3:08 pm
                                         How do ducks clear their throats?Cardo 8 ATL3/21/13 5:17 pm
                                               Bazinga. *NM*CARDO 8 ATL3/22/13 1:52 am
           Re: Thanks for playing everyone!Orange Chikin3/21/13 12:37 pm
           Re: Thanks for playing everyone!ChrisTheeCrappy3/21/13 1:35 pm
           Re: Thanks for playing everyone!CbWilliams3/21/13 2:13 pm
                 HBO: If everyone's in 4th we're all winners! *NM*MacGyver103/21/13 4:12 pm

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