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Hailing from glorious People's Republic of HelenClarkistan, and born the sun of a carpenter, Morhek rapidly rose through the ranks of the religious community, healing dudes and campaigning for Glorious Leader Helen Clark. Persecuted by some Roman dudes, he was nailed to a cross and dumped in a cave, before rising from the dead the next day as the worlds first confirmed historical zombie. Later, he was resurrected by his Holy Father to bring about judgement day, but instead he rebels against authority by sitting in front of a computer screen, and wasting his godly talents by editing useless junk...

Recently, Morhek has joined the Covenant on behalf of Anti-Christ Helen Clark, and fights long and hard for wheat for his people. He still LOL's.

UPDATE: Cowardly Capitalist Pig John Key has wrested control from Glorious Leader in military coup. All major cities are held by capitalists, and refugees are fleeing across "The Ditch". Death to the Usurper! Long live Glorious Leader!!!11?!!?1

NOTE: Specops306 can neither confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons or warships in HelenClarkistan, and has no moral, ethical, legal or sexual links with Don Brash. Long Live Glorious Leader!!!