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Most Recent Post: 1/11/24 12:26 pm

Hello profile browsing person! I am BOLL extraordinaire! Whatever that means. I was a quite prolific contributor during 2002-2004 (that short eh?) but was really only hooked on the first Halo game. I can rant for hours of how Halo 2 ruined the universe. Ssadly I went over to play WoW which basically had me fail to finish my final project at the university, after managing to get out I was at rock bottom but ended up in an IT-admin role for five years.

Now I have resigned! (2012-01-13) Finally I have matured enough to take another shot at life. My last day at my current workplace is the last of March 2012, after that I am available for hiring for whatever purpose. If I have not gotten a job by autumn I will probably do some more university studies, leaning towards programming apps but we'll see what I decide to do.

My skills? Except for being able to manage the IT at a process manufacturing plant single handedly for several years in a row I have a few abilities I enjoy doing much more:
* Photography, photoshopping, drawing, illustrating, designing, printing
* Game/interactivity-design, prototyping, concepting (Flash)
* Web-coding, scripting, databases, design (PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, CSS, HTML, XML)
* Writing guides and articles, reviews (WordPress)
* Videography, editing
* Motorcycling

Among the applications I am using or have used at some point are:
* 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave 3D, Blender, AutoCAD, SketchUp
* Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Pro, Acrobat Pro
* Premiere, Vegas

Characteristic traits: Supreme Logical Thinking, Attention to Detail, Socially Awkward, Consumed by Projects, Learns Quickly

During my five years in IT I did manage to start a personal website/blog to keep my creative soul alive, it has been slightly neglected but it still has content:

To get in touch with me please use this form: